Will Covid-19 change commuting attitudes, home ownership and property investment?

Many peoples attitudes have changed dramatically — maybe forever. Working from home and evaluating just how many days you need to be in the office, or even doing that Zoom meeting instead of the sometimes exciting but often arduous interstate trip!

We have talked to many clients who have loved the extra time at home with the family and the flexibility of not having to “dress up and commute” to the city office.

Our opinion is that more and more people will decide to commute to the city office on fewer days and maybe take on a Regional Victorian property to improve their lifestyle and get more for their housing dollar. Regional investment may now give you more options at an affordable price point compared to the same old city choices of a landless flat or apartment that have historically performed below land-based investments. 

Imagine a big family home in Ballarat on 600+m2 land circa $600,000, and you get that commute to Melbourne down to 2 days per week. You could be on that Ballarat train 6:46 in the morning and arrive Melbourne 1 hour 15 minutes later 8:01 AM!

You could achieve a Country lifestyle for the family, affordable housing, excellent schools, good medical and sporting facilities and more time with the family.

If this appeals to you and you think a move to Regional Victoria is the post Covid-19 lifestyle for you call us for advice, ela Property Advocates Guy Angwin 0412 22 998 or Geoff Briscoe 0419 740 351.