We don’t always get it right…..

Recently we were working with a client in preparing their property for sale in Port Phillip, and during this process, there were numerous discussions around the pros and cons of doing work to the property. Generally, we take the view that the work carried must return a premium on the selling price.

Our client, in this case, was keen to have the floors sanded as wear and tear and some minor damage under a floor runner affected the properties appearance. Our advice (and that of the selling agent) was it wasn’t necessary as buyers wouldn’t see the condition of the floor as a deal-breaker to buying the home.

Despite our advice, the client went ahead and had the floors sanded and resurface. To everyone’s surprise, the dark floorboards were now light coloured and in a property that faces south the improvement to the natural light (see photos above) was just incredible.

As Vendor Advocates, we need to careful in advising clients around where to spend their money when preparing their properties for sale, and not everything is evident on the surface.

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