Granny Flats/Studios do they add value?

If you are looking for a property with a Granny Flat/Studio retreat there are many practical uses:

  • Grandparent or Aupair lodgings
  • Teenagers
  • Adult children lodgings
  • Home business office
  • Art or craft studio retreat
  • Short stay for family, friends and visitors

However, is this structure the best set-up? 

What level of supervision will you want for the younger members/teenagers of your family? Do you want them close by or out of sight? Whether it’s for health reasons, excessive computer usage, what they are consuming or the company they keep, it may be a better solution to integrate your teenagers into a carefully thought out flexible floor-plan extension to an existing house.

Kaine Lanyon, Director Marshall White Port Phillip says “Granny flats are great and can add value as long on the structure hasn’t compromised the back yard/courtyard amenity. It might work better as an addition to an existing house as long as the block is long enough, building not too much bulk with good floor-plan space. Getting that extra bedroom if well done certainly adds value.”

In summary, granny flats/studios do have an appeal and add value. Still, if you are a family home buyer, a flexible, modern floor-plan on the right sized land may also be an option. 

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