Do you REALLY want a pool?……..

Do you REALLY want a pool?……..
When we search for properties for our clients, we sometimes find the right property…BUT it has a pool. Pools are a conundrum for prospective buyers, so let’s put that in perspective and give you the facts as we see them.

Only a small percentage of buyers want a pool, around 10% according to David Sciola at Jellis Craig Armadale. And that will be mainly for families with kids 8-16 years old.

After that age pools become less of a focus and not used nearly as much. According to David pools don’t add any value to a property – they may end up being a liability to a buyer and prevent a sale.

So if you’re thinking about adding a pool or thinking you will get some use out of it and it will add value when you sell – think again, it may not! If you’re buying a property, unless you envisage a significant family usage, there is little value add according to David.

In summary, pools are terrific if you use them, but according to the experts, a pool may not add value to your property.

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