Ponder this?

Ponder this?

In these incredibly trying times, everything that was normal no longer is. Take the laws of supply and demand and how that plays out in the property market right now.

Supply – Good stock is hard to find, and it won’t improve for a while.

Demand – demand is still high for A-grade properties; nothing has altered. And we think more and more people with money will want to live in Australia.

Costs of funds – certainly the lowest in our lifetime, and liquidity is not an issue.

Sentiment – now this is the wildcard, the intangible that you can’t measure, touch or feel, it’s just there. Right now, the Covid-19 virus has everyone worried, altering all the norms.

So, what to do now?

If you are buying and selling at the same time, you may well be better off. If you are upsizing, your changeover may be less if both properties fall at the same %. And remember, the banks want your business. A-grade properties always do better than B or C grade, and with all the above in play, there will be new opportunities, and we are here to help you capitalize on them. So if you have to, need to or want to buy (or sell), give us a call and we will meet (via Skype for now) and explain A Grade properties and how to find find the right one.

Guy Angwin: 0419 022 998 OR Geoff Briscoe: 0419 740 351