ela property advocates remove red flags!

You ever wondered how a Buyers Advocate could help you – strategically and financially?

Last week we bought at auction a warehouse apartment on behalf of a client.

Our due diligence revealed a $950,000 roofing and guttering issue NOT in the Section 32 and one other major red flag.

❌ 1st Red Flag: Our inspection and research revealed a $500,000 restoration to the exterior heritage facia – red flag removed as the Body Corporate confirmed the sinking fund had it covered.

❌ 2nd Red Flag: On the eve of the auction a $950,000 quote for roofing and guttering was revealed – a big red flag HOWEVER we negotiated with the vendor to absorb the costs of $20,000 and removed the red flag!

Because of the above two potential red flags, many people may have been put off by bidding – who wouldn’t be!

But with our research, pre-auction contractual negotiations and due-diligence, our client bought the property well under their budget and with the full confidence they were making a sound well-informed decision.

Thrilled buyer – and ela property advocates delighted to be involved!