So what’s gonna happen?

So what’s gonna happen?
A friend often asks me this general question. That question is so relevant to real estate right now so, barring a complete lockdown of all activities, here’s “what is happening today” – which may be different tomorrow next week. 

Consumer Affairs Victoria has confirmed that private inspections by appointment can continue. Private meaning one on one with the agent. And auctions via online methods can continue.

REIV President Leah Calnan said “The REIV has been trialling online auction platforms and there is no doubt electronic auctions will come into play shortly. Many agencies have already invested in online platforms for property auctions and have been trialling them in recent months, and houses will continue to be sold in Victoria. The Victorian Real Estate Sector is prepared to do its part to help fight Covid-19. The Victorian Real Estate sector is a flexible, innovative, and resourceful industry capable of dealing with any problem.”

We think this is spot on.

“Local agents are turning to technology to satisfy the high demand in Victorian real estate, with virtual reality inspections, and transactions conducted over the phone and electronic document signing over the internet becoming commonplace.
People still need to buy and sell homes, and the industry will quickly adapt to new technology and private viewings of properties.”

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