A flexible approach could help vendors get a better result

As the market re-opens, agents and vendors will use a variety of sales methods. Is the classic process of listing, marketing campaign, then zoom auction going to be the best strategy for vendors to sell their property after the recent COVID 19 shutdown?

Vendors will need a flexible approach to achieve the best outcome, and not one sales process alone is going to work. 

What selling options will agents recommend? 

  • Some agents will recommend a quote range for a private sale
  • Others may recommend a fixed price 
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI) with a closing date have been popular during the lockdown
  • Zoom online auctions have also worked 

All options will have a place in the market for now. Our view is that a skilful agent who can think on their feet and align with not one but many strategies is the right selection. 

Careful agent selection is vital, and if you’re not sure how to select the right agent with a flexible approach, that’s where we come in. 

  • Do you choose a large agency group or a local boutique agency?
  • Within agencies there are great agents – we help you select both.
  • Listing agents will have a partner; does that partner compliment the listing agent’s weaknesses?
  • Which agent has a track record of selling this type of property in this price range in your precinct?
  • What current buyers do they have that could match your property.
  • Are they skilled online auctioneers? 

In addition to agent selection, ela Property Advocates negotiates commission, reviews the marketing and recommends the sale type, e.g., auction, EOI or private sale. 

Email or call us at ela Property Advocates, Guy Angwin guyjohn@iinet.net.au 0412 022 998 or Geoff Briscoe geoffbriscoe@tpg.com.au, 0419740351.