Are you ready to buy or sell?

Despite the full or partial market closedown, the feedback from agents is they have a surprisingly high level of listings. In their view, it will be a strong opening when the market resumes tomorrow.

But, will the financial pressure of COVID 19 impact on the quality of properties about to hit the market? Are we going to see an influx of “B” and “C” grade properties dominate new listings as financial pressure starts to hit home?

So what do I do now as a Vendor?

Healthy competition for quality properties will most likely be a feature of the market when it opens tomorrow.  

What if I’m a buyer?

You may be up against some intense competition for quality properties which, in our opinion, should remain in short supply.

  • Have a good plan and strategy
  • Ensure your preparations are complete as time on the market for quality properties has recently been less than 30 days.
  • Have a flexible approach and research the opening market trends and direction
  • Do you know how to bid at an auction or negotiate pre-auction or private sale?
  • See our article for a “Ready for when stage 4 is over”?

If you don’t know how to do the above, that’s where we come in. We search, assess the value, bid, negotiate and gain early access to pre and off-market properties through our real estate relationships.

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