A Story About Due Diligence……

Carrying out significant Due Diligence to many is tedious and often considered a waste of money, but we say “you must pay attention to this”.

Recently a buyer purchased a beautiful heritage warehouse apartment built circa 1900 located on the ground floor.

As with all buildings no matter what the age we strongly recommend to our clients to book Pest and Building Inspection. The cost of the services vary but can start as low as $650. Strange that many would get the RACV to inspect a second-hand car but not your dream property?

Pest and building inspections cover essential things like :
-Structural defects
-Maintenance problems
-Water damage like rising damp.
-An infestation of pests, e.g. termites
-A foundation report and much more

The buyer in question (not one of our clients!) decided they had enough experience to do their inspection.

Once settled, the renovations started. The first job was removing all the carpet only to reveal significant water damage to the floor and walls. Now the arguments are in full flight with the body corporate over who pays.

So everyone, do your Pest and Building Inspection!

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