Auctions Away ……..

Auctions are back! Yes, there are some restrictions but nothing an agent cant handle.

Auctions are limited to ten people (plus agency staff and owners or residents), and after speaking with the team at Kay and Burton Armadale, the only foreseeable problem is ensuring public attendance does not exceed the legal limit. A big turnout of spectators will not help the industry to control the Coronavirus spread.

So you may see an auction date advertised but no time to prevent people from just showing up and exceeding the legal number of attendees.

Agents will have to heavily qualify prospective buyers before they “invite” anyone to the auction. So don’t be offended by intrusive questions like:

Are you ready to buy NOW?

Do you have your finance in place, with approval in writing if you are borrowing?

Do you have your deposit ready for auction day?

Is this price range in your budget?

If the answer is YES, the agent will reveal all the details to join the auction with up to ten other interested parties.

So while you won’t see a big crowd on a sunny day, you can be reasonably sure that those present are probably there to transact.

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