What To Look For In Choosing a Selling Agent?

As Vendor advocates, one of our roles is to advise on agent selection. We meet and collaborate with numerous selling agents in the role, but some real estate agencies and selling agents stand out more than others. 

What To Look For In Choosing a Selling Agent

1.   Knowledge: A selling agent must be an expert in the local area. They are more likely to be talking to a potential buyer than an “out of towner” and will have a strong feel for buyer depth, potential value and the selling campaign required (auction, EOI, private sale). 

2. Communication: How good will the communication be after signing the authority.  

  • Will you now be handed over to a junior agent or the office administrator? 
  • Who is going to stand at the door during opens?
  • Who is going to follow up leads?
  • Who will be conducting the auction? 

Successful agents don’t work alone and will need help to sell your property; however, they don’t delegate the crucial processes. Understanding who is in the team and who plays what roles should be explained at the first meeting

3.   Persistence. – If the property doesn’t sell, what happens then? Are you going to have additional costs such as marketing, etc., and what strategy does the agent have to complete the sale if an auction is unsuccessful.

4.   Right agent fit for the property. Some agents specialise. For example, a highly successful agent we have worked with recently only sells apartments. However, he has extensive knowledge built up over a long career and therefore has an advantage over other agents; this resonates with vendors and buyers alike.

5.   Great listeners. The top agents are just great listeners. We see the quality agents read their client well and adapt their approach accordingly. They are great at open for inspections and always trying for a future listing. They are fluid thinkers – adaptive and can react to vendors and buyers alike to maximise outcomes. 

6.   Attention to detail â€“ good agents don’t cut corners – look for an agent that is professional and timely in their communication from the very beginning. 

7.   Presence: Whether a private sale or online/onsite auctioneer, the successful agents have gravitas – someone you are glad to know and trust.

If you are thinking of selling (or buying) a property, we help you select the best agent for your property, and it comes at no cost