Is your pool and spa registered? November 1 is the deadline.

The Victorian Government has introduced mandatory registration for pools and spas commencing November 1 2020.


Why take this step to register pools and spas?

It’s part of a new process to ensure all pools and spas comply with building and pool regulations. Right now the State Government estimates there are 222,000 pools and spas in the state but Russell Small, the General manager of Victorian Pool Safety Services, estimates it’s over 300,000. Voluntary compliance has not worked in the past resulting in massive non-complying numbers and uncertainty.

According to Mr Small from what he has seen so far, he estimates 85% of all private Victorian pools and spas don’t comply with protection barrier regulations.

But remember its registration by November 1, not compliance. Getting non-complying pools and spas up to regulations comes later, but if you don’t register your pool and spa by the November 1, 2020, deadline you could be fined between $330 and $1,652 

What to do now:

Here’s the process you should follow now:

  • Register your pool and spa with your council, it’s around $79 to do so 
  • Wait for your council’s response, they will write to you with a “build” date/year – this is important because that date dictates exactly which compliance rules apply to your pool or spa.
  • Then call in the experts; for example, Victorian Pool Safety Services
  • They or other pool experts will assess your pool and arrange compliance works.
  • Once the works are done and signed off the compliance certificate is issued.

And it’s not over then, every four years you will need an inspection to ensure continued compliance just like a roadworthy on a car.

Property Settlement risk:

And finally, after November 1, pool and spa compliance may become a significant settlement risk so attend to it now if you are buying or selling. There are examples now, according to Mr Small, where banks are asking for evidence of pools and spas complying before they will settle. Talk to your solicitor/conveyancer about this if you are buying or selling.

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