Brave buyers and vendors can get what they want.

With such different and uncertain times, buyers and vendors today need three ingredients to be successful and get what they want.


Patience is essential in any market but even more so in these uncertain times. Housing stock is low in prime areas, and a significant share of sales are off/pre-market. At times the buying public does not even get to see a house that is for sale.

One agent we have worked with is reporting up to 40% of their sales are off/pre-market with a favoured method of sending emails out to Advocates. Often the property is sold quickly to those who are ready. 

Our message as Advocates is when the right property comes along, you can’t afford to hesitate. The buying environment has changed, and buyers need to adjust accordingly.

2.Readiness to buy – be brave

When the right property is for sale, you have to be ready. Vendors/Agents won’t be interested in conditional contracts – the most common being finance. You must have the funds to complete the transaction approved in writing and ready to go.

3.Buyer/Vendor Advocate advice

More than ever before its time to seek the advice of a buyer/vendor advocate – as we are up to date on how to find that exclusive property, price it and then complete a successful transaction. 

To find a property, understand market value and how to purchase, it has never been more complicated and to get what YOU want, call or email ela Property Advocates.

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