BUY, when the right house comes along, DONT WAIT!

Many clients ask now “We are ready to buy, should we with COVID 19 and everything else going on?” If its the right property YES!! You should certainly consider it!

Why? Well, stock levels are down from last year, which was down 30% on the year before that. Add in our population growth, “most liveable city” status, immigration and a backlog of demand the right property is taking longer to find.

If you have a house, you should consider selling first. You need to be prepared and have done all of your research and due diligence. In this market, it’s a considerable advantage to be cashed up, or funding in place (in writing) this adds strength to any offer you make as it’s an unconditional offer. More than any time in our history, we are competing in a limited auction zone.

Many properties don’t even make the market and vendors are nervous about signing off on conditional contracts. If you miss the property you want you’re going to need a lot of luck and patience because the goodies are becoming more and more difficult to find. Being ready/cashed up in today’s tricky market gives you greater leverage when negotiating for that just perfect property.

Talk to us, and we will take you through the steps to success.