But I NEED a new place to live……

With only a 1,000 Melbourne auctions last month, stock levels are at an all-time low, and it is unlikely there will be any change in the short term. The Victorian Government announced last week that private inspections were over for occupied properties and the search got a whole lot harder.

But yesterday the State Government acknowledged they couldn’t leave hundreds of people “stranded”, unable to look at houses and therefore unable to buy homes. Private inspections were again re-opened, and common sense prevailed. After all, who would commit to such a vitally important purchase sight unseen?

Sellers have “put the cue in the rack”, they won’t spend money on advertising/marketing and playing a waiting game. HOWEVER, there are still a large number of people who NEED to sell due to circumstances, maybe divorce, downsizing or upsizing.

The market is still functioning; agents; buyers and sellers are adapting to a very different market. There are buyers and sellers who NEED to transact now, and there are some great opportunities for both buyers and sellers in this turbulent time.

As advocates, we help buyers and vendors alike manage today’s “different” sale/purchase process. Call us for a chat anytime.